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Everyone needs to Sleep. Sleeping will restore fatigue levels, and is also the only way to restore condition if the player was freezing, starving, dehydrated, or attacked by wildlife. To sleep, the player must find a bed, place their Bedroll on the ground, or use the bedroll action while in a car or a snow shelter. A Bearskin Bedroll can be Crafted, which is much warmer than the standard Bedroll.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

The primary use of sleep is to restore the fatigue meter. However, it has other useful affects.

  • Some Afflictions like a sprained ankle or wrist, can be healed by sleeping the required hours, eliminating the need for First Aid items. Other injuries, like food poisoning, require sleep to cure in addition to their medicine.
  • It can pass the time, useful if the player needs to wait for daylight, or for a blizzard to pass.
  • If done indoors or in a shielded place, the player can quickly warm up and avoid (or treat) hypothermia.
  • It is by far the fastest way to recover Condition that has been lost, and is the only way to do so at a quick speed.

Drawbacks[edit | edit source]

  • Sleeping passes time, which consumes calories.
  • Sleeping also increases thirst. The player may want to have food and drink on hand.
  • Sleeping outdoors can cause the player to freeze.