Signal Hill

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Signal Hill

Signal Hill provides a fenced in (single access point) area, on top of the hill. The view over the farming areas is advantageous, weather permitting. A distinguished feature is the radio tower itself, which can be seen from very far away.

Location Features[edit | edit source]

Gear and Supply Storage[edit | edit source]

  • Additionally, it's generally a good idea to check directly underneath the Radio Tower, itself, due to the possibility of a spawn of a Prybar and other items.

Workbench[edit | edit source]

There is a Workbench available, if you can work alongside an old microwave oven that was left on it.

Bed[edit | edit source]

A double bunk-bed is available near the Workbench.

Storage[edit | edit source]

Near the entrance there is a first aid box under the shelf and three lockers. The radio controller room has a metal desk and a file cabinet. The bedroom has two lockers and a workbench with a drawer.

Heat[edit | edit source]

There is a Fire Barrel on the North side of the Operations Center. You can use a Magnifying Lens here, when the sun is available. The Fire Barrel prevents wind from putting out the fire - making it an ideal location to use the Magnifying Lens at!

Natural Resources[edit | edit source]

Mountaineering Rope Locations[edit | edit source]

  • At the back entrance (where the fencing is broken), there is a rock that allows for the placement of Mountaineering Rope.
  • Additionally, down the hill a bit, near a bear cave/spawn location, is an already-placed Mountaineering Rope designed to provide you with easier access and a faster means of getting up to and/or leaving down from Signal Hill. Optionally, you could remove this Mountaineering Rope and use it directly at the back entrance - the climb will be steeper, but you'll be avoiding the bear at the cost of further stamina drain.

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