Mariner's Pea Coat

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Mariner's Pea Coat
Mariner's Pea Coat.png
Type: Clothing
Slot: Coat
Weight: 2.50 kg
Warmth Bonus: +3.0 C
Windproof Bonus: +2.5 C
Waterproof: 35%
Mobility: 8%
Protection: 7%
All statistics are for clothing at 100% condition.

The Mariner's Pea Coat is one of the Items available in The Long Dark.


  • Heavy wool coat designed for seafaring types. Not the warmest coat out there, but close to it. Does a good job blocking the wind but gets very heavy when wet. Stylish.



  • Harvesting a Mariner's Pea Coat yields 2 Cloth.

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