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   Good quality knife with a stainless steel blade and wooden handle.


   Repairing a Hunting Knife uses 1 Whetstone, also called a Sharpening Stone.


   Harvesting a Hunting Knife yields 2 Scrap Metal and 1 Fir Firewood.


The Hunting Knife is primarily used to harvest flesh from a carcass. It is slow at harvesting frozen flesh, but possibly will be the first tool that the player will find to the job. It harvest fresh flesh much faster. It can also be use to harvest Cloth from a series of sources, such as pieces of Clothing, Pilows, Mattress, Curtains and Towels.

The Hunting Knife can also be used to open cans, smash ice from fishing holes and as a weapon in combat, granting a +40% bonus damage against wolves. Location

Possible spawn locations at Mystery Lake

   Trapper's Homestead
   Near corpses (outdoors)
   Inside abandoned cars
   Inside shelves (rare?)

Possible spawn locations at Coastal Highway

   Log Sort
   Fishing Cabins
   Near corpses (outdoors)

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