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Frostbite is one of the Afflictions that can affect the player in The Long Dark. It was first introduced in version .386.

How to Obtain

Frostbite is obtained by venturing out in very cold temperatures without covering for certain portions of the body. Similar to Hypothermia, the player will be notified if they are at risk, and the percentage will increase if they stay out in the cold temperatures. You can also get frostbite if you sleep in frozen clothing.


Frostbite will set maximum Condition 10% lower than normal, and become unable to be treated. The player can get this 5 times in a game.


As of version .386, it is not possible to treat Frostbite. However, it is possible to reduce frostbite risk before it occurs by covering the exposed area before frostbite occurs, or getting into warmer temperatures.