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As the player performs various actions, they will become Fatigued. If the player's fatigue level gets too high, the player will become "tired" and the amount of weight they can carry in their backpack slowly declines, to a minimum of half the maximum carry weight (30kg/66lbs). Eventually, the player will become "extremely fatigued", vision will become blurry, and their condition will decline until they either rest, or die of fatigue.

  • Running will heavily tax fatigue, only run when necessary.

Restoring Fatigue[edit | edit source]

Fatigue can be restored in one of two ways:

  • Drinking Coffee will restore a small amount of fatigue, and make the player's fatigue meter reduce more slowly for a time.
  • Sleeping will restore the fatigue meter, more being replenished the longer one sleeps. 12 hours of sleep will completely restore an empty meter. The player will automatically wake up if reaching a full meter before completeing the required time. The player cannot sleep if they have full fatigue, unless they have an Affliction that requires sleep, like Food poisoning or Dysentery.

Fatigue-associated problems[edit | edit source]

  • If fatigue lowers too much, the player's carrying capacity will diminish, to a maximum of half the initial capacity.
  • If fatigue reaches zero, the player will be unable to sprint
  • If fatigue reaches zero, the player will slowly lose Condition, although at a much slower pace than if Cold, Hunger, or Thirst reaches zero
  • If the player stays awake with fatigue at zero, their vision will cloud and details will be difficult to make out.