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Condition is the overall health of the player character while in The Long Dark. It is represented as a percentage ranging from 0-100%. A player at zero condition immediately dies, and the game is over.

Decreasing Condition[edit | edit source]

The player loses Condition when either the Cold, Hunger, Thirst, or Fatigue bars are emptied. Cold will deplete Condition the fastest, followed by Hunger, Thirst, and then Fatigue.(Thirst,Hunger,and Fatigue cause 1% condition loss per hour, While Freezing causes 20% condition loss per hour and is doubled if affected by Hypothermia)

The player can also lose condition when being attacked by Wolves or a Bear, falling from a great height, or gaining various Afflictions such as Burns, Infection, or Blood loss, which will deplete a static chunk of Condition.

The player may also steadily lose Condition by various afflictions like Food poisoning, Laceration, or Dysentery.

Condition loss is cumulative, so if the player has more than one source of Condition loss, the player will lose condition more rapidly.

Recovering Condition[edit | edit source]

Condition recovers naturally over time, as long as the player is not affected by anything that would lower Condition. Because it recovers as time passes, the easiest way to recover condition is to sleep.

Players who keep the needs of the player character satisfied will recover more Condition than those whose meters are low, even if the bars aren't depleted.

The Improved rest affliction, caused by drinking Herbal Tea, will improve Condition recovery while the player sleeps.