Cat Tail Stalk

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Cat Tail Stalk
Cat Tail Stalk.png
Type: Food And Drink
Weight: 0.05kg / 0.11lbs
Calories: 150

Cat Tail Stalk is one of the Food items available in The Long Dark. It, along with Cat Tail Head, can be harvested from Cat Tail plants.

Although described in game as not very filling, Cat Tail Stalks are an often overlooked, but very useful, resource. Found commonly on the edges of frozen water, including ponds, lakes and oceans, they are a light weight high-calorie food source, excellent for players watching their pack weight. They are also one of the few food resources available in the transition zones of the Ravine, and the new transition zone between Mystery Lake and Pleasant Valley. Cat Tail Stalks count towards the achievement 'Living Off The Land'


  • Tough. Not very filling, but edible.

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