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Yet another vital feature of The Long Dark, we have something that saves many people in the early stages of The Long Dark. Most people who have played the game for even a day are almost certain to come across one of these, we have the Carcass. There are several types of Carcasses. The Wolf, Deer, Rabbit, Bear, and the Human Corpse.

Spawning and Locating

Carcasses are very common and abundant. Wherever you encounter a wolf at has a good chance of 1-2 carcasses in the surrounding land. If you find a carcass in a Wolf's territory and wish to harvest it (assuming you are in Voyager or stalker difficulty), make sure to build a fire around where the carcass is for a list of reasons.

  • The Fire will warm the Carcass, making it easier to harvest.
  • You will be warmed alongside it, giving more power to you.
  • Wolves will have a greater chance of ditching you if spotted from the fear of fire.
  • Sometime days to weeks later, you can use the burned out fire as a way of direction.

To locate a corpse can be an even easier task using the crows. If they are spotted circling an area there is a corpse or carcass there.


The carcasses are only slightly elaborate in how to obtain the Meat. First off, there are different forms of carcasses, the three you will hear of have the prefix Ravaged, Frozen, or simply Carcass. Beneath the bolded text you will see small font descriptions, normally (x% frozen). How frozen the animal makes a difference.

  • Ravaged means that you will have a Major lack of meat in the corpse.
  • Frozen means you need a tool to harvest the creature (+50% means you need tool).
    • Frozen Carcasses normally harvest faster with the hatchet than any other tool.
  • Carcasses with no prefix mean they are a fairly recent kill.

Amount of Meat per Carcass

Each carcass drops a different amount of meat and each meat has a different amount of Calorie intake. (Calories Per Kilogram).

  • Deer Carcasses drop somewhere around 7-10 Kg of meat.
    • Deer Venison is 900 cal raw and 800 cooked.
  • Wolf carcasses drop around 3-5 Kg meat.
    • Wolf Meat is 900 calories raw and 800 calories cooked
  • Rabbits drop 1 Kg of meat.
    • Rabbit Meat is 500 calories raw and 450 uncooked, probably not the most continent for travel.
  • Bears are the most bulky and strong, no shock how much they drop. They Drop 32-37 Kg of meat per Carcass.
    • Bear Meat is 900 calories Raw and 1035 calories Cooked.

Human Corpse

Although, not a efficient way of obtaining food. you can find certain items in corpses based on location, ex: in a mine, there will likely be a flare, outside has a chance of a survival knife, hatchet, ETC. Why aren't they a good source of food? Simple answer: You cant harvest human flesh, although cannibalism is a real thing, you cant do that to a corpse, rather, you search it like a normal storage container, and hope for a granola bar. It holds 15 Kg and is stationary.