Basic Winter Coat

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Basic Winter Coat
Basic Winter Coat.png
Type: Clothing
Weight: 3.00kg / 6.60lbs
Warmth Bonus: 3.0°C / 5.4°F
Windproof Bonus: 2.0°C / 3.6°F

The Basic Winter Coat is one of the Clothing pieces in The Long Dark.


A basic Winter coat with some wind-blocking capability and basic synthetic filler. Good for an afternoon at the ski hill.


  • Warmth bonus of 3.0°C / 5.4°F when its condition is at 100%.
  • Windproof bonus of 2.0°C / 3.6°F when its condition is at 100%.



  • Harvesting the Basic Winter Coat yields 2 Cloth.

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