Basic Winter Coat

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Basic Winter Coat
Basic Winter Coat.png
Type: Clothing
Slot: ?
Weight: 3.00kg / 6.60lbs
Warmth Bonus: 3.0°C / 5.4°F
Windproof Bonus: 2.0°C / 3.6°F
Waterproof: ?
Mobility: ?
Protection: ?
All statistics are for clothing at 100% condition.

The Basic Winter Coat is one of the Clothing pieces in The Long Dark.

The information on this page was updated prior to alpha .386, and may not reflect the current state of the game!


  • Basic winter coat with some wind-blocking capability and basic synthetic filler. Good for an afternoon at the ski hill.



  • Harvesting the Basic Winter Coat yields 2 Cloth.

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